Customer Care

Our customers means the most to us. Without YOU, there is no US! We want you to love your Wreath and Company's designs as much as we loved creating them for you. 


My package arrived. What do I do next?

  1. Carefully remove all cable ties that are located at the bottom of your packaging
  2. Don't forget to FLUFF
  3. Enjoy your custom design


How do I take care of my wreath?

Our products are carefully made to last. Yes! You can repeat your wreath for next year. Here are some tips to properly take care of your wreath for the next go round:

  1. Keep your wreath out of extreme weather conditions. Store inside
  2. Use a coat hanger for storing
  3. Use floral wire for attaching any loose materials 
  4. When its time to hang again, use UV floral protection for wreaths that will be placed in direct sunlight. Use WD-40 (lightly), for wreaths in rainy conditions 
  5. Use a hair dryer (on cool) to blow off debris 
  6. Don't forget to Fluff. This helps to bring your wreath back to life and for presentation